January 22, 2019
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Posted by Adrian Ramos on 05-Sep-2018 at 20:38:56 EST
Subject: Volunteer service hours

To Whom it may concern:<br><br>Our school has recently partnered with intelliVOL and their x2VOL product which is an online tracking and reporting system for community service hours that allows us to eliminate our paper tracking process and allows you to post opportunities for our students and verify their hours online. <br>There is no charge for registering, listing events or approving hours. <br>Please go to www.x2VOL.com today, Click on the nonprofit HEART in the middle of the home screen and click the button, REGISTER MY ORGANIZATION. Fill out the form completely and submit!<br> Your organization will be verified by intelliVOL and a representative will follow up with you to answer any questions.<br>Feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have. <br>Adrian Ramos @ aramos@elginps.net. Classroom number is 5804922272